1st Annual Hot Times Kate Schulte Tribute

This first Tribute was a powerful emotional experience for all. Two of Kate’s favorite jazz musicians, D.D. Jackson and Edward “Kidd” Jordan, came to town to help us celebrate her life

A few nights before the Hot Times performance D.D., Kidd, and the Jazz Poetry Ensemble (Roger Hines, Roger Myers, Brett Burleson, and Michael Vander Does) performed at Dick’s Den. D.D. was playing so muscularly he almost destroyed the electric piano.

On Sunday, the performance at the Hot Times Community Music and Arts Festival was incredibly moving. It featured some of Kate’s favorites by D.D. and Kidd, as well as originals written specifically for this program. Hurricane Kate evoked the power of her life. Her daughter, Nicole, and nephew, Max, read a series of short statements by all of Kate’s nieces and nephews and daughters that celebrated Kate and let into the finale Kidd Jordan’s Second Line. Kidd, D.D., and the JPE were joined for this by Kate’s partner, Fred Gittes, and members of the New Basics Brass Band. The audience came to their feet and created their own second line for Kate.

Hot Times invited us to continue to celebrate Kate’s life at festivals to come and the Foundation was born.